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Any ImageMagick pros out there?

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How are you using ImageMagick in conjunction with Processwire to watermark / affect a specified images directory automatically?

For my gallery page, I would like to upload images as normal then have ImageMagick watermark the output of them on the website; all this done automatically and on the fly without me having to do anything except create the script :)  Would love to hear your suggestions how this can be done or how you are using ImageMagick in general. Script examples are welcomed! :P

Let's go!

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You don't need imagemagick to do watermarks. horst has an amazing module that can do it for you via GD which is part of PHP:


If you do want to use imagemagick, I would suggest the pecl imagick extension (http://pecl.php.net/package/imagick) - it can handle almost everything that imagemagick can handle and allows you to do it directly from php, rather than via exec system calls.

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    • By tonicastillo
      Hi. Can I ask why this happens?
      When I upload a jpg, the meta keywords and description of the file loses the accents and spanish symbols of the words.
      Original image on the left, and the image generated by PW on resize on the right.

      This happens on resize. The uploaded file is ok.
      How can I control which meta keep in the photo?
      Thanks a lot (and sorry for my English)...
    • By sirhc
      Hi all,
      Im trying to install this core module and got the error of not having the ImageMagick library installed.
      But if im checking for the version of my ImageMagick installed on my server via SSH im getting this response;
      identify -version
      Version: ImageMagick 6.9.4-9 Q16 i386 2016-06-21 http://www.imagemagick.org
      Copyright: Copyright (C) 1999-2016 ImageMagick Studio LLC
      License: http://www.imagemagick.org/script/license.php
      Features: Cipher DPC 
      Delegates (built-in): bzlib freetype gslib jng jpeg png ps tiff xml zlib
      Does this even mean the library is installed? And if yes, why cant i install my module?
      Pleaassee help me
    • By phil_s
      What are your experiences with profile/color consistency when using Image Magick for resizing?
      I know @horst is probably the person with the most experience on this, (hope you can chime in here Horst)
      I noticed that In some cases Image Magic resized jpgs appear darker than the original, and after some digging it appears to involve various factors concering both the image preparation (Photoshop's save for web and even general profile handling before that) and the way the Image Magic resizing process is setup.
      - Images with an embedded (srgb) profile that were exported via Photoshop's "save for web" function with "convert to srgb" and "embed profile" ON, somehow result in muted colors and a darker image, (actually it looks very much like when you would assign an srgb profile to an image that was already converted to srgb before, not dramatic, but quite noticeable with e.g. reds and cyans.)

      - I tried multiple variations, with embedded and excluded srgb profile, "convert to srgb" on and off, but the result appears to be the same darker, muted image. Need to find time to do more structured testing though..
      Possible causes:
      - The way the srgb profile is embedded in the jpg
      - The way the Imagick module detects/ignores profiles
      - Colorspace handling changes between imagick versions
      - One of the above plus these rather involved technical reccomendations (tldr: convert to linear RGB, resize, convert back)

      Would be nice to get a discussion going here. I am out of my league with this, technical knowledge wise but I'll try to keep up
      Cheers guys,
    • By NorbertH
      It would be great if PW would resize images using Imagemagick/graphicsmagick if one of those libs is installed as theyy provide far better quality and use less memory than GD or GD2.
      Just an idea.
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