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To Yosemite or not to Yosemite?


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Hi Mac Pros out there,

what is your experience with the new Mac OS? Did you upgrade your machines? Everything running smooth? Or did you decide to wait a little longer to be on the safe side?

My MBP is stil Ma-ve-ri-cking ...

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There was one topic mentioning issues with MAMP and Yosemite, but apparently those issues are fixed in latest MAMP versions.

Haven't upgraded my Mac yet, mostly because Apple seems to have pretty bad track record with their upgrades working right out of the box.. which is kind of sad since Yosemite also fixes a bunch of security issues. By upgrading you're securing your system, but with the risk that things stop more-or-less randomly working  :)

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Already running Yosemite on a 2014 MBA. I was really eager to get my hands on a feature that most people probably find rather whatever, but I loved it from the moment Apple first showed it at the keynote introducing Yosemite – doing iPhone calls on a Mac.  :) (It does actually work well for me. No more having to pick up the call on the iPhone, plugging in headphone to have my hands free etc. Just accept the call on the Mac and talk.)

Other than that, I'm okay with the new look. No idea why a lot of people are desperately looking for ways to replace the Finder icon, the folder icons in Finder and get Lucida Grande back. Also, I love the new iOS-style notification center. Oh, also, second-best feature in Yosemite: the F11/12 keys for controlling the sound volume now don't make sound any more by default. I'm really not going to miss those sounds at the start of each Skype call when everybody's adjusting their volume …

Since I don't use MAMPP or the local Apache, no issues with that. However, I had to “repair” some Ruby gems that I had installed for whatever reasons. I really only use Sass/Compass and scss-lint, so I have no idea why those gems are even installed. :-[ Other than that, everything seems to work fine, I didn't even notice that the upgrade took longer than expected because of all the Homebrew stuff I have installed.

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All good here. Didn't have any trouble with MAMP, apparently all you have to do is upgrade it also.

Once you got the oats out of your keyboard, of course....

@totoff - Personally, I always had a soft spot for Yellowstone, but Yosemite is nice too.

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Update was a breeze. Really like the overall look of Yosemite.

On the development front, PHP 5.5.14, Apache 2..4.9. There's some useful Apache module wich are not enable by default (mod_rewrite for example) but nothing too difficult to fix.

For complete instructions to install a LAMP stack on Yosemite this guide is very handy.

Safari 8.0 is crazy fast and may become my primary browser instead of Firefox.

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Definitely recommend it. I normally wait until V1.2 of any software I rely on but having installed the beta the day it was available I was surprised just how stable it was. I'm a

So finding boot up,shutdown and general speeds to be snappier on a 2011 macbook.

I'd say go for it. You can always install on a partition and test if you're unsure.

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Updated my rMBP last week. I have to admit that I like the new look. Most of the stuff works as expected. Some apps needed an Update.

There are some issues I have (and looking at the Apple Support forums I'm not alone)

  • My Bluetooth Apple Magic Mouse doesn't work. It reconnects every 1-2 minutes
  • WiFi losses connection every few minutes when I have Bluetooth turned on
  • It just changed some settings after update (e.g. activating the guest account)
  • Safari chrashes sometimes (Scrollbug, freezing,...)

If you don't need to update and can wait another weeek, don't upgrade yet and wait for the first patch.

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