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all languages with the same prefix?

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Im doing a multilanguage site, in Portuguese and English. But both languages have the same url. for example:

in the administration of content of any page, the url editing for the version of the page in each language, show the same prefix for all of them. I tries to create a new language, and also shows there, with the same prefix


I do have this plugins installed and active: 

  1. ProcessWire multi-language support.
  2. Languages Support - Fields 1.0.0
  3. Languages Support - Page Names 0.0.9
  4. Languages Support - Tabs

And the prefixes are correctly specified:


I dont know how i messed this up, but i need to correct it. I cant see any option thi change the prefixes, but iI thought that maybe i deleted something in the admin template. So, i replaced all default files with the original from the distro, and this still happens. 

im using ProcessWire 2.5, wampserver 2.5, in windows 7

thanks for any tips. Stay safe  :P

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Those prefixes are being used only in pagination, as the title says  :)

Edit your home page, open Settings tab and change page names there.

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Glad you got this sorted out. I've unmarked your reply above and instead marked Fokke's answer as the "best answer" to your problem so others can more clearly see which post solved it.

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