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[2.5.3 Stable] Something's wrong with the Modules page

Mike Rockett

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So, I was trying to install the newly-released MarkupSEO module. As usual, I went to Modules > Install, and attempted to enter the module's class name (MarkupSEO). Naturally, one would press enter once done. When I did, it installed a different module, ProcessRedirects, which happens to be the module I uninstalled last.


Then, when I entered the class name again, and clicked on "Download & Install", it came back and said that the web-service cannot find the module by that name...

Weirder, because other modules get picked up.

Any ideas?

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There are two things going - the enter button I think has always done that - definitely annoying and needs to be fixed.

The SEO module hasn't been approved yet, so it won't be available to install via class name. The easiest way is to use the "Add Module from URL" option and enter this:


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Oooh, I see. I guessed something was up on the server. I had already installed with the URL. I should have checked the modules page first. Just assumed it was on the list because the link was made available, and I was on the page.

And yeah, that button really has to be fixed. I just don't get what button it's really pressing...


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