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Updated Simple Website Tutorials for 2.5


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It is quite some time since I wrote tutorials in the wiki and I am starting the task of updating them and putting the new versions in the tutorial section of the main website.

To kick things off, here is a brand new, created from the bottom up, Simple Website Tutorial


It is aimed at new users who are comfortable with HTML and CSS and have some limited, basic php knowledge. This is different from the very basic tutorials I have been writing aimed at those who know no php at all and have no coding skills.

Like the old series, this constructs a website, complete with html and then further tutorials will use this as a basis.


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Great stuff Joss!

You have a great way of writing fun, insightful tutorials that strike a solid balance between not assuming too much from the reader while avoiding brief geekspeak...

EDIT: just noticed my liking your post is your 2000th "Like"... Well done...

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