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I've updated PW to 2.5 and had installed CKEditor before. Module is 1.1.9 and editor is 4.4.2.

Now I have major problems using CKEditor. How can I deinstall the old module in my sites folder? Or do I have to update "InputfieldCKEditor" in my sites folder?

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ProcessWire should have detected and given you a message about deleting the old one in your sites folder. Did you see those instructions on updating PW to 2.5? You are better off uninstalling your 'old' CKEditor (the one in your /site/modules/). The one in wire (the default that now ships with PW) will work just fine.

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Sorry, for the delay and thanks for your help. I haven't done the update myself, thus not seen that message. I have now copied my settings and changes of CKEditor to the one in my wire folder. Had to click on the refresh button before everything works fine, but now it is :-) Most of the problems are gone with the new version. But two are still present in this release. Anyhow, that's nothing for PW this comes from CKEditor.

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Settings for the CKeditor in the wire folder should actually be put in the inputfieldCKeditor directory in the site/modules folder, so they do not get overwritten by Wire updates. That also includes any additional plugins you might install.

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Just to echo what Joss has said and I realise my post above was probably ambiguous....

CKEditor the module is a core module and lives in /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldCKEditor/ - Don't touch this :-)

However, custom settings should be done/placed in /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/. Here you will find the following files + folder

  1. README.txt
  2. mystyles.js
  3. config-body.js
  4. config.js
  5. plugins
  6. contents-inline.css
  7. contents.css

Read the contents of those files + see these guides for how to customise your CKEditor





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Hmm I definitely need to be able to do this globally somewhere. Ive read the docs but everything points to site specific, is anyone using multi-site where they need all their ckeditor instances to be basically teh same from site to site to site?

Here's a brief rundown...

1. we as mentioned are using a multi-site setup and will have likely eventually 100 sites using the processwire core files

2. each site will have many ckeditor instances (ie. different editable areas of the site), easily 10+ in total in order to allow an end user access to modify their website content so customizing each 1 individually and for 100 sites is a no go unfortunately. Basically when we get a new website we will be doing some basic config items (ie. dbase connections and we have a config file page as well and copy and paste a known good site so all the files etc we would need). If we had to go into each editor instance and do up things like extra allowed content or showing all the toolbar options we need we'd increase our setup time significantly which isnt an option unfortunately. Not to mention if we decide we need modifications down the road to any ckeditor items so these types of things have to be global in nature where each site points to 1 area and we can update their accordingly.

Is there no way to have for instance 1 ckeditor config file that many sites can point to? All our sites are in the same Cpanel account with 1 master domain (it contains the processwire core codebase - wire) so each site can include files via the file system as they are technically local to each other, not on remote servers etc.

Im sure I might be missing something here but having to edit each and every instance of a ckeditor field would be insane for our staff to handle.

I'm hoping there is some sort of work around. Im not looking to hack the core by any means, I get that, but our past cms we used this global/central approach was a key item and easy to implement.

Thanks again

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Thanks Joss and kongondo! I am just about to make some additions to the editor in contents-inline.css and the config file. I'll copy those files to my sites folder later.

Great to be in the PW community :-)

@Chris Have you thought of using a symbolic link?

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