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strange error in admin page "Unrecognized path"


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hi, i just install pw 2.5 and i get the "Unrecognized path" error in every page that has the question mark in the url.

for example mywebsite.com/page/add/?parent_id=something or


show the unrecognized path error

the page tree in admin home page is empty. 

also in front page when i search something for example the word about 

http://www. mywebsite.com/website/search/?q=About+&submit=    

i get a 404 error 

the php version is 5.3.29

and the web-server  is Lighttpd 

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This sounds like an .htaccess problem. If you are running Lighttpd instead of apache, you will need to adjust the included .htaccess rules - mainly the rewrite rules, but potentially others too. Google "Lighttpd .htaccess" for some assistance on that front. 

Currently PW only officially supports apache by default, but there is a guide to getting it up and running with nginx. I don't think there is anything yet for Lighttpd. Maybe if you figure things out, you could write something up.

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hi pascalKonings my hosting provider solved the error , it was a lighttpd configuration.

I was getting the above error every time that a page was using a get ( ?something ) method.

Adrian I think that now pw run perfect in lighttpd server :) I still building the page but everything seams to run smooth

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