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Hey guys

I'm wondering if PW would be a good fit for a project that would have a few social features, like:

- the ability for users to like pages (there's a premium module for this if i'm not mistaken?)

- the ability for users to like pages AND the possibility of adding/saving them to folders/collections

- the ability for users to follow each other and keep up with their content (following/followers)

- the ability for users to submit content/pages (could the the premium form builder module do that?) AND the possibility of saving them in folders/collections

Is PW a suitable choice for something like this?

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YESSSS ... however it would require tons of custom work.

Much of what you are seeking would probably need an existing module, or perhaps something custom. I haven't searched the existing Module listing to see what suits your case.

I have seen lots of amazing exciting web sites and web apps created with ProcessWire. Yours is another exciting idea. Is this something you are creating?

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some other links

Rating Pages




Bookmark pages


Add remember - all are pages so Users are pages, too.

This means that if i "bookmark" a users page -> i'm a follower of this "page=user".

If i remeber right the user bwakad builds some kind of social powered website, may you send him a message.

regards mr-fan

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