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Flarum: Forums Reimagined


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Thought some of you might find this interesting. Free and open source, and they will be providing migration scripts.


Forums and mailing lists are a big part of the Internet. But the software powering them sucks. It’s clunky, bloated, complicated, and frustrating. Forum design hasn't really changed in the last decade.

We want to take the concept of a forum — a concept that still has so much value in how we interact online — and start again. Not to add another layer on top of what’s already there. But to completely redesign the whole experience, focusing on how people actually use forums. And that’s exactly what we’re doing with Flarum.


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I quite like it - saw it the other day on the laravel-news.com site. I guess my only issue at this point is that it's customisable to a point, out of the box. Heavy customisation would require a lot of work. But then again, because they're 're-imagining' forum software, I don't think it's intended to look like the rest of the website (which is the kind of customisation I'm referring to).

Nonetheless, it looks like a really great platform, and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

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Somehow I don't like the way they insult the entirety of existing forum software ("it sucks") in the second sentence of a rather unprofessional kickstarter-video :rolleyes:

Which is a shame, because i really like Laravel, and the whole API-thing ^^

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I started an Flarum integration module. Predefined and also custom API calls are supported. "data" and "included" objects are converted in PW WireArray and supports PW API like find() and get().



At the moment unencrypted username and password is needed to get an token for logged in api calls. 

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    • By dotnetic
      @Pete Back in 2013 @Nico Knoll asked for a "Mark as solved" button for the forums, so user could see which questions are still unsolved, which was a great feature for this forum.
      Now with the new version this button is missing. Could you please let it return?
    • By pwFoo
      I try to integrate Flarum forum with PW via JSONAPI. First tests are fine (register user, create discussions, get data, ...).
      To get a valide token I send the username and password as a api call. If auth was successful I'll get the uid and a token back. This token have to be renewed after 30 minutes.
      To get the token I need username and (plain!) password. So how should I save the user credentials / handle the users? 
      Just additional fields in the user profile username, password, token and uid as array (serialized + base64 encoded) Sync PW users with the remote app (hook PW auth and send a auth request via API call -> token returned = login OK) 1 and 2 would be flexible, but user credentials are saved as plain text!
      3 is a secure solution (no plain credentials needed), but PW have to use a remote user backend / auth and maybe some things could be less flexible...
      Do you see any problems with that solution? Could it break features / modules?
    • By owzim
      I very frequently see people not finding stuff in the forums, I don't blame them, the forum search sucks bit time
      Then many times forum members suggest to use {searchterm} site:processwire.com/talk on Google.
      It's true, nine times out of ten I DON'T find what I am looking for using the standard forum search.
      Nine times out of ten I DO find what I am looking for using Google search.
      So perhaps there should be a hint on the search dialog/page to use Google instead (if that's even possible).
      New users would find stuff quicker, saves time for all.
    • By dhruba
      I m new to processwire and I found it very interesting and powerful. I want to make a forum with great admin power and great spam control system.
      I want a
      1) custom admin for end client
      2) login/resister with captcha, activate using email verification and restrict
      registration using regular expression on username and email.
      3) members can post topic but it will unpublished until moderator publish it.
      4) has sections - category - topics/replays.
      5) admin can delete/block multiple users and it will delete their topics.
      Any advice/guidance/feedback would be greatly appreciated THANKS.
    • By netcarver
      Re-posting "The Architecture of Open Source Applications" from the Textpattern forum as it looks like a very interesting resource.
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