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to use their service on non-wordpress sites would be a violation of the wordpress.com terms of service, i'm almost sure

and even if i could use it, i'm afraid it wouldn't be a solution for my project - a website gallery (similar to siteinspire.com) where users can submit their fav sites too.

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you mean something like this one:


this could made easy with hannacode module:


here is some hannacode to import.....ready to use ;)

just like



[[thumbnail w="200" h="100" url="www.your-page.com"]]

Have fun!

forgot to link the free service


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If you related to other services you always have to get there....

But theire service is easy to use for all - for non w0rdpre$$ users, too.

and you could save this thumbs to a processwire imagefield to store the thumb at your server and deliver it from your copy and not from there server, so the don't track usage:


//How to capture a website screenshot and save it to a file?

$thumb = new Webthumbnail("http://your.website.com");

//this could be adapted with the API and some fields for the url or even width and height to save it in a imagefield!

may this is more secure - only new thumbs don't work if the service is shut down or not available....

reagards mr-fan

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