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verifying pagetreestructure before start project


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Hi guys,

just wanna ask a simple question and may i get a ok from some experienced guys or a no-way - that helps me to avoid trashing to much time.

For now i love PW - and build some easy websites - but i've a real webapp on the desk that screws "i wanna go live".

Since i'm working in a NGO for farmers that share manpower and maschines together and we did the clearance for this special kind of service.

So we wanna build a webapp where clients could send us records online.

Long words short sense.....

I've read kongondo's tutorial about structuring (even with colors) but anyway i wanna ask if i'm on the right track.

Visible Pages (Frontend):

Home (with login for different roles)

->role/login ngo-admin

 -Website (App) for the NGO (who gets records)



 --Import/Export (get the records)

->role/login agent/company

 -Website (App) for the companys/farmer (who sets records)

 --recording (choose some refered clients, choose refered services add values and save)

 --clients (partners from the farmers / remitter)



 --send/sync (or more a clearing for the ngo admin)

Cats and Dataschema:

 --NGO's (may this solution would used from other district offices, too)

 ---district one

 ---district two


 --Companys / Agents (Farmers as agents that do work or rent a maschine) ->special one project can have several firms

  ---agent one

  ---agent two

      ... (pagefield for related clients of this agent, settings, reference for records...)

 --Clients / Firms (here all firms available all farmers with theire companys even the related firms that linked under companys/agents)

  ---client one

  ---client two

     ... (adress and other relevant stuff, reference for records...)


  ---service one

  ---service two



  ---record one

  ---record two

    ... (specific data, reference on ngo, project and client)

May you get the idea - it's not so easy if clients of clients have clients, too ;)

regards mr-fan

Edited some definitions for a better reading.

The NGO setup the projects for the agents that assign what clients/firms has a agent to choose and the clients/firms for that he works. And get the records for clearance like with manuel printed delivery order's.

The Agent can record his works and commit them.

The client/firm has no login and it is only the data that is used by the agents like "contacts" or "remitter".

Would be a kinda like an odermanagement but with not only two parties......

Edited by mr-fan
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