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Peter Knight

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How can I achieve a specific PHP-Selector in the "What PAGES should the Lister show?" section? Is this even possible? When yes how?

Something like that:

     $activitys = $pages->find("template=activity");
     $activitys = $pages->find("template=activity, select_organiser=$user->select_organiser");
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I want a non-superadmin user to use the lister-pro listings for items of a certain template. all works fine, but items which are "unpublished" will not show in the lister, no matter what is set in the lister's config (i.e. "include=all"). Above the lister a "Nur 'include=hidden' ist erlaubt" (only 'include=hidden' is allowed) ist shown in red.

the user's role has all page-related permissions, including hide/show and publish/unpublish pages. and of course the "page-lister" permission :-)

But something seems to prevent the listing of unpublished items… is there a special permission I'm missing?



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Hi Soma,

thanks,  this indeed clearifies what going on :-), missed that entry

(my user "webrocker" isn't allowed to view the pro support*, b/c we purchased the lister w/ another account, so I din't see Ryans answer while logged in as me :-)

// update: the changes suggest in that discussion didn't resolve the problem, though. even with the one template which is used by all items selected in the config, the unpublished items won't show. setting the "inlude=" to "published alone is not possible, it always resets itself to "hidden + unpublished", which then is rejected according to that error message ("only include=hidden allowed").

*) off topic but related: my user is set to view the purchases and support request of the "buying" user (and vice/versa), but I cannot view the support forum section. Creating a dedicated "agency" user for the purchases (and support) seems a bit against the personal/member idea of the forum, but only having one person/member getting support for a product that has an "agency" license and as such may be used by more than one dev at a time isn't very practical I'm afraid… ?

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For an internal project, I need to build some kind of Lister Pro functionality. Search filters, custom sort options etc.

PW will store all our client projects / portfolio references (currently about 1200). Until now, these infos were collected in an Excel spreadsheet. And we still write our offers in Word. It's all a mess, because project screenshots are scattered all over the place.

Now my questions: 

- How easy would it be to have admins create a collection of pages, and export a Word- or PDF file with a Lister Pro action?

- Same as 1st question, but output would be regular HTML. Can I just build my own custom output template for my Lister Pro action? i.e. is it the same as building a "regular" PW frontend template?

- Are there plans to offer the Lister Pro functionality for the frontend too? (not sure this is even a use-case, since this is only meant for internal use)

- How compatible is Lister Pro with the latest 3.x dev version?

- How compatible is Lister Pro with Pro Fields?

- Any other gotchas or limitations (e.g. multilanguage)?

Thanks for infos, tips and hints.

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1. and 2. PageActions are simple modules with often only a single "action" or "executeMultiple" function, where you're receiving the page object / or a list of them. What you're creating from those data is totally up to yourself (you can even test this without lister pro, as page actions are part of the core). 

3. Lister Pro does depend on lot's of internal functionality, so currently there are no plans and probably this won't become a feature in the nearer future.

4. - 6. Don't worry, it's a great module.

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Thanks for your infos.

re: actions

According to this user-comment, the actions tab is only included in the pro version

However, the features under the tab called "Actions" are not part of the core module, it is part of a commercial module called LISTER PRO.


In my installed version 3.0.15 (lister version 0.2.4) I don't see any actions menu/tab. Do I have to activate another module somewhere or change settings?

Or do you mean something like this? https://processwire.com/talk/topic/10254-custom-page-actions/#entry97554

though that is an example for Page List, not Lister o_O

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Forgive me for bringing up the "front end" ListerPro features again, but I'm really wanting to migrate an existing case management system I built a few years ago for a law firm to ProcessWire.  ListerPro could possibly help make the transition much easier.  I've only been using ProcessWire for a few days just trying to find my way around and I already love it.

Here's why I ask about front end filtering (forgive the long but necessary description):

At the time that I built the case management system I had created a feature very similar to ListerPro that had a list view (showing records from a query) and CRUD views.  Since the system is hosted on a private network some pages are available to non-logged in users.  For instance the receptionist doesn't need to be logged in to look up a case number if a client calls up and she needs to know which case he/she's connected to.  Of course for non-logged in users only the search function is allowed.  CRUD operations are disabled.  There are two ways to search the case list, "Simple" which is just a text field where any keyword can be typed in and "Advanced" which allows them to build their own query by adding column_name->comparison-->value and AND/OR between the columns (almost identical to the way ListerPro does it).  They use the advanced feature a lot so any rebuild I do will have to contain it.

From everything I've read about ListerPro it creates the new lister in the admin area. That's fine, but is there a way to create the custom lister and then call it via API to render on the front end?  Such as:


If so this is exactly what I've been needing.  The CRUD feature I built for the case management system works well, but in order to reuse it in migrating to PW, I'd have to re-write a lot of it (was coded quickly) and ListerPro is extremely close so why reinvent the wheel...haha (see screenshot of my filters section)   I also understand you can set permissions on the lister AND the actions so it would work perfectly for my scenario where the receptionist can only search and logged in users have more functionality.  

Perhaps there are tools already built into ProcessWire that I'm not aware of yet (as I said only been in it a few days) that will allow me to re-build my CRUD feature quickly without ListerPro.  If so please point the way.  Even if I don't purchase ListerPro I intend on purchasing one of Ryan's pro modules if anything to support this great product.  I'm still researching which one...or all of them! haha

Thanks in advance!

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.12.20 AM.png

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@Twitch Could it work to have the whole PW admin area as guest area (if it's in a private network, no problem I guess?) and just use the ListerPro out of the box. You would have to build the other admin pages (if in need of something customizable) as Process modules.  The picture you show looks different but basically those are the type of options you are given when using ListerPro filters. 

I guess you could do something like this  on the frontend but with the Process module involving ListerPro. (ProcessListerPro?). Though you would have to include js/css for the ListerPro to work (and it would LOOK like a PW ListerPro). Also don't really know how ListerPro internally checks permissions or any other gimmick involving routes in the pw admin.


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Thank you for the reply @elabx.  I'll look into customizing an admin page and see if that will possibly work.  My client is picky about the way things look and are laid out and I'm worried I won't have enough control of where to put the various parts of the Lister.  When I say picky I mean sometimes what they want defies logic but I just go along with it...haha

One thing they are used to is clicking on a row in list view and it takes them to the update (edit) view.  Not sure if clicking on a row to trigger changing the view is possible with the built in settings of ListerPro.  I've read everything I could find on ListerPro but I'm sure there are more features that will be revealed once purchased.  With all that said, your mention of calling a process module directly in the front end could be the key.  This particular client is also used to everything being styled using Bootstrap 3 so I'll have to do some custom styling on the elements.  I believe Form Builder has a Bootstrap styling option but I didn't see anything mentioned for ListerPro.

You've given me a couple of great places to start and that is much appreciated.  From the short time I've been on the forum so far this seems like a great community of coders who truly want to help others get the most out of ProcessWire.

If I can't find a suitable solution built in to ProcessWire for my needs, perhaps I'll end up turning my CRUD system into a ProcessWire module.  I'll be getting what I need while at the same time contributing back.

Thanks again!  I'm off to look into these possibilities!

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28 minutes ago, Twitch said:

When I say picky I mean sometimes what they want defies logic but I just go along with it...haha

Same story, different country haha.

There is not a ListerPro "skin" . So assuming from the type of client yo you are dealing with, you'd be better off satisfying their UI/UX needs, or at least what they are used to. Because you're  gonna end up fighting PW's markup and overriding it's styling. and end up with a bloated thing rather than the elegant solution ListerPro is meant to be.

Customising the admin is easier now with the new UIKit based theme. But truly, here is where PW shines its brightest, leveraging the selector API makes building a lister pretty straightforward, I mean, the screen you post is basically a graphic description of what the selector API can do. So from what you mention about the project you are involved in, just build the thing and make people happy :) If you manage to reuse that frontend in the screenshot, it's basically just getting the data from the front to the back and let PW do the rest.

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On 10/14/2014 at 5:48 AM, jacmaes said:

@jacmaes thanks! I’ve been trying to track down what “under Pages nav” meant or would look like. This is perfect. I think I’ll go ahead and buy this.

The editor has super quick access to his own "admin view" from here (I've called this page "Recent events" in this example):



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Hi everybody

Is it possible to list fields of referenced pages like this:

Template «testresults» contains a page reference field to page with the pupil's personal details (template «pupils»).

Now I want to list all the test results (filter template=testresults) plus on each of the listed pages some of the personal details of the pupil.

Is that possible, and if so, how?

Thanks for help.

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