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Happy Birthday Ryan!


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Post title kind of says it all.  Well, maybe not...

Ryan, you have created just about the best gift a web-developer can possibly ask for.  Every day so many of us get to open this gift and create something new with it.  Your gift compounds and expands exponentially as our work courses through the Internet and brightens the worlds of clients everywhere.

ProcessWire helps make all of us bigger, faster, stronger...

Not only have you created a great gift for us all, but personally you are a terrific presence: consistent, professional, helpful, patient, creative...

In other words, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



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Thanks guys! That's very kind of you. I'm officially old now. ProcessWire was also released as an open source project around this time of the year in 2010. While I don't much like having birthdays myself, I do like celebrating ProcessWire's birthday, and looking forward to the big 5-year birthday next year.  :)

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Happy Birthday Ryan, prost.gif

this is the only year where you are exactly 10 times that old than ProcessWire.

So, one of the big future milestones will be when you are "really official" old. It's when PW reaches your actual age.  :lol:

(this will be in 2050 when PW has age 40 and you are one year older then 75)

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