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Add description to form field object - method missing

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I'm trying to add a custom description to my formfield

$serverField = $modules->get("InputfieldText");
$serverField->label = "Server Name";
$serverField->description("description","Desc");// need right syntax here. Or is the method missing

I get an error:

Method InputfieldText::description does not exist

I looked at InputfieldText.module and there is no method for adding a description. Shouldn't there be one?

Couldn't find anything in the API cheatsheet that would let me do that.

How would I then go about adding a description to a form field?

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$serverField = $modules->get("InputfieldText");

$serverField->label = "Server Name";




$serverField->description = "this is my description";//this is the right syntax :-)


Edited by kongondo
edited; added a missing = and removed extra ()
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