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PW 2.4, role/permission not displaying copy button in tree


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in PW 2.4.0 I have setup a role "publisher", containing the permission to Clone a page and Clone a tree of pages.

All Permissions for this role:

  • Delete pages
  • Edit pages
  • View pages
  • User can update profile/password
  • Clone a page
  • Clone a tree of pages

The user that is being set to publisher should then be able to view and edit, but also clone a page or tree of pages.

Within the templates' Access tab, I have selected the publisher role to be able to:


Am I missing a "CLONE PAGES" option here?

On the family tab, I have set "Can this template be used for new pages?" to "Yes".

For some (for me) unapparent reason, I do not have the option to copy a page from within the tree, the button is missing, even though the template and role/user seems to be setup properly.

How can I get this to work?

Kind regards,


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Thanks Adrian, your suggestion made the difference! 

I indeed had not set the parent template correctly. Apparently the underlaying templates inherited those settings. 

Updating the parent template to add children and create pages then displayed the "copy" button in the tree :)

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