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new super user password not saved


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On a 2.5 install I try to add a second super user. After adding and saving it with password assigned, It gets displayed with a strike through in the user list. When I then edit and save it again, I get this error:

Missing required value

Required password was not specified.

But the password was entered already when I added the user.

This is happening only on a clone of an install on my dev server. When I add the same user on my local environment, everything is working as expected. The install on the dev server is the same where I get the persistent httpHost error described in my other thread.

Also the httpHost error message gets displayed twice, above the user list and on the very top:


I have other PW installs on that server which are all running smoothly.

Any pointers to a solution would be great. Thank you.

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Whatever the domain name of that cloned PW install is, that is what the config.php is looking for (the error that is displaying).  Or to put it another way,  If you clone an install, you need to supply a different domain name in the config.php file.

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After moving the site to the new host I have specified the new domain in the config file. But it is not recognized by PW. What ever I assign to $config->http hosts array, I always get that error.

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The problem happened to be related to old session files that I transferred when moving to the new server.

Once I deleted all session files in assets/sessions on the new server, PW picks up the $config->httpHosts array. The error message in the backend disappears and I can create users and save their passwords without problems.

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