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renderNav to output more than one field


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Assume I'm using the site-default template from the current 2.5.2 release/

In my page, I have fields "summary", "duration" and "instrument"

I'm using this in my template:

if($page->hasChildren) $content .= renderNav($page->children, 0, 'summary && duration && intrument');

Is that the correct way? I mean, using those && operators? It seems to work, but I just want to make sure it's the best and most efficient way. I may end up wanting to output about 10 fields and don't want it to slow things up.

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A look at the code of the function renderNav shows that several field names are expected to be separated by blanks:

function renderNav($items, $maxDepth = 0, $fieldNames = '', $class = 'nav') {
    // .....................
	if($fieldNames) foreach(explode(' ', $fieldNames) as $fieldName) {
    // .....................

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Got it. That makes sense now.

Here's another sort of related question.

So, this nav will output the title of a page, and any the title of any extra field. That's great.

Now, what if one of those fields is a repeater field. And what if I want to display each item within the repeater field? I set up this...

        foreach($item->my_repeater_field as $foo) {
            foreach($foo->my_multi_page_field as $bar) {
                $out .= $bar->get('my_field');

And it renders perfectly, as expected, but when I use it in conjunction with the nav function, it throws the following error...

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

It's strange, because it actually works and outputs and loops through the fields as expected. Any clues?

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