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BugFix for /backend/page/?id=n&open=childofn


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i found a bug that sadly double the pagelist when id and open isset at the same time.

yes i do know this may barely be the case.

but i can only fix it when i overwrite some core material or luckyly do some css trick

i actually do not know if that will work in any case nor if this will kill my view @ one point

div.PageList > div.PageList:nth-last-child(2){
	display:none !important;

but that seemed to work so far.

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with a hook for example.

i used it for restricting users to certain pages.

like he is only allowed to join on news.

so he gets index/?id={id of news}

so he will only see news and all subpages of news but nothing else.

you can find the module somewhere in the forum

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