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Hi I already asked in the thread for PageEditPerUser.module but there was no reaction at all.

I have problems with giving specific users (by username, not by role) the ability to add children to specific pages, I guess there's some kind of rewriting the CustomPageRoles.module but I'm not deeply enough into php to do this.

Can anybody help me?



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I just updated to PW 2.5.0 and installed the Module without any errors, but when I set up a dynamic role and configure it the way I want, it does not affect the abilities of the selected user.

And what do you need to know about the server environment?

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I Should have been clearer :-) server environment = PHP and MySQL versions. 

In order to be able to help you further, it is good if you are as specific as possible about how you set up the dynamic role and 'configured it the way you want' :-). May I suggest that you post this in the module's thread here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/6822-module-dynamic-roles-for-pw-246/ then we can take it from there. If you are on a development environment (i.e. not your live website), please also turn on debug mode in /site/config.php/. Set it to true. 

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So, now I have the info you needed.

PHP v.5.6 MySQL v.5.5.38  PW v.2.5.0 
And to complete my post: I created a dynamic role called "philipp-dynamic" with the following configuration:

who? > name equals philipp

template=user, include=all, name=philipp

page-delete, page-edit, page-view, profile-edit

what can they view? > title contains text philipp


what can they edit? > id equals 2231 (page called philipp)

where can they add new pages? > id equals 2231 

Which leads the user called philipp to be able to edit every page which is in the page-tree except from the homepage, but there is no possibility to add pages anywhere. 

The "matches 1 page"-field in dynamic roles page tells me, that every condition should fit to the correct pages, but the reality looks different.


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