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PageTable: Copy entry from one Page to another

Torsten Baldes

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Now I understood. You don't want permanent clones, you just want something like an already filled entry. So what you basically want is the ability to clone an existing pagetable entry from a preset. Perhaps take a look at the ProcessPageClone how cloning is done there. But that is beyond my skills to adapt somehting like that to pagetable entries :( Could be done with a module, which prefills values under certain circumstances on Inputfield::render but... phew.

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PageTables are handled the same as other pagefields. So you can just use something like this:

$selected_page = $pages->get("something"); // Get the Page
$selected_table_entry = $selected_page->table->eq(0); // Get the PageTable entry
$clone = $pages->clone($selected_table_entry); // Clone the entry

$new_page = $pages->get("something"); // Get the page to copy to
$new_page->table->add($clone); // Add the clone to the PageTable
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