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pages find - dynamic none, static all


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Just trying something for the prev next functions but I really do not understand, this first one not giving anything contrary to second one.

While $page->parent is really a /path/. I have tried without ->name, without qoutes, placed $variable as concatenated outside of qoutes... Nothing seem to do it. Must be loosing my mind. lol

<?php $navigation = $pages->find("parent=/{$page->parent->name}/");?>
<?php $navigation = $pages->find("parent=/browse/");?>

Basically I want the current page parent children as array (siblings). Only on rootparent = home I could not do that (because no parent)...

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I have tried both from Soma and Diogo - not working.

In this case, they both should reflect "/browse/". Using static works, dynamic not. Strange.

I just used $page->parent->children - not working either...

But since I do not want to restrict myself only to /browse/ I thought to use page parent.

So this static path is working.

<?php $navigation = $pages->find("parent=/browse/");?>

- EDIT - stupid!!!

I forgot, in my old code - I used echo strings : echo "<div><a href='$page->prev($navigation)->url'>Link here</a></div>";

This time I used <a href="<php $page->prev($navigation)->url;?>" (without echo)...

Sorry all, thought suddenly something was wrong with my PW.

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