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Other image versions rendered and found in site > assets > files

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Not sure I'm in the right section.

I've just noticed something.

In site > assets > files, there are folders apparently named after the id of the page in which the images are inserted in the admin.

I'm developping a website locally this time, with version 2.5.0 now after an upgrade.

It is the same for the first gallery rendered (before the upgrade) on it's own page and for the second gallery that've I've just rendered on the parent page of the page in which the images are inserted in the admin.

For the first "gallery", the code is:

foreach($page->children('include=hidden') as $child) {
	$thumb = $child->images->first()->width(320);
	echo "<a href='$child->external_url' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'><img src='$thumb->url' width='$thumb->width' height='$thumb->height' /></a>";

(I've just updated this gallery code from width='320' height='200' to width='$thumb->width' height='$thumb->height')

For the second gallery, it is:

foreach($pages->get(1032)->images as $image) {
	$thumb = $image->width(90);
	echo "<a href='$image->url'><img src='$thumb->url' width='$thumb->width' height='$thumb->height' /></a>";

For the first gallery, there are these versions:

the original version (640x400), the .320x0.png version (320x200), in two folders a .300x212.png version (300x187 - perhaps old images with dimensions that I tested...(?)), and a .0x100.png version (160x100).

For the second gallery, there are these versions:

the original version (640x480), the .90x0.jpg version (90x68), and again a .0x100.jpg version (133x100).

Where can I disable the creation of this .0x100.jpg version, in which file, is it "normal"?

Thanks in advance :)!

Edited by kongondo
Wrapped code in code tags

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It's possible it's simply because I'(ve) inserted the images in the admin before inserting the code in the template file.

Edit: I've tested with a third gallery, I've created the code before inserting the images in the page via the admin, it seems to be the same, there is always a .0x100.jpg version for each image.

Perhaps it's defined in /wire/ (?).

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The 100 versions are for the admin - if you have "display thumbnails in page editor" checked on the Images field Input tab.

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@Christophe, edited your first post. Please use code tags to wrap code blocks...its the <> icon :-). Just makes it easier to read code :-)

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@adrian. Yes, there are thumbnail images, so it's normal :). I really need to go to sleep earlier, sleep more/better and have a healthier life :).

@kongondo. I didn't use code tags this time because it created a horizontal scrollbar, so it seemed less readable at the moment I put it. But it's ok :).

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