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Form processing on front-end, dynamic forms and creating page

Vineet Sawant

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TL;DR : I'm looking to create dynamic forms which will take fields list from given template & create/save pages dynamically.


I've been using PW for a while for creating web applications like ERP systems and similar applications which have tons of forms.

So far I've been creating, processing & validating them manually. While researching I found this link which I found to be very helpful.

Code given in that example allows user to create a form based on the fields of any page and save it, which is very cool.

Based on that code I tried doing something like this:

$p = new Page();
$p->template = "mytemplate"; //I've added few fields to this template
$p->parent = "/someparent/";

// make a form
$form = $modules->get('InputfieldForm');
$form->method = 'post';
$form->action = './';

// add the page's fields to the form

// add a submit button to the form
$submit = $modules->get('InputfieldSubmit'); 
$sumit->name = 'submit';

// process the form if it was submitted
	$p->name = date(dmYhisn);

It did create a page but without any data. I know this could be a very stupid thing to try, but I guess it was worth it.

More research taught me that probably using ProcessPageAdd module I can create new pages. But I don't know how exactly that works.

I'm looking for some guidance about modules & their use on fron-end.


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I write a module FormHelper to create Frontend forms Form page, template vor array oft field data.


Next module will be a frontend content manager (edit and create pages based on FormHelper module).

Hi, your module looks great. Can I use it for any kind of template? Cause the forms I want to process can be of any size, mostly they'll have tons of fields.

Also, is it published? I'd love to give it a try.

Thanks a lot.

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It isn't tested with multi language fields or something like repeater fields at the moment.

You can generate a form based on saved pages and get a prefilled form as default. 

Create a form from template fields works with a "fake page" (created but not saved page object), but so you can't use a template with image / file fields that way. You'll get an error message. Maybe it works if the fake page gets saved before the form is generated. I'll see during page add funtion of planned frontend content manager (instead of use a template based form the module create and save the needed page before generate the form via FormHelper.

For use with me UserLogin module the third way was added. The login form is defined as data array. Should be the same problem with image / file fields, but haven't tested it...

I puplished the module code at the last topic post, but not released a module as yet...

Module will be released after code cleanup, but it isn't tested enough to be stable!

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