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Reno Theme

Peter Knight

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Hi all,

I'll take a look at any issues that are still lingering (and any suggested features/updates) ASAP. I don't know Ryan's plan for pushing things into the current master branch. I suspect that any fixes will just be part of 2.6. 

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Are there any plans to introduce custom icons within the tree? Either based on template (config setting?) or on a page by page basis hooked up to a font awesome library etc.

For example, this admin theme has a page icon beside each page

In general, is this best handled by some custom CSS or would a module be a better approach.

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Don't think this is theme related as it need some sort of scripting. Have you considered AdminCustomFiles for this?

I'll try that. Thanks Mr. Geerts.

I also found it's already possible from 2.3.

You can associate Font Awesome icons with templates. When associated with a template, the icons will appear in the page list, in front of the page title. To use this, edit any template and go to the Advanced tab. In the "List of fields to show in admin page list", you can type in any Font Awesome icon name (in addition to the field names you could before). For example, in the Page List screenshots above, I have my "search" template configured with the value: "icon-search title". 

Post here from Mr. Cramer.

I'll add it to the list of "things I really want PW to do which are in fact already possible" :)

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@nico I plan on included those changes. I've been working with it like that here, and I like it. 

Other notable things I've been working on this week:

  • Fixed sidebar and header
  • Save open/close state of sidebar (via cookie).
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  • Save open/close state of sidebar (via cookie).

Does this include:

  • save and recreate show / hide the complete sidebar
  • save and recreate the collapsed state of each group (pages, setup, modules, ...)


This would be awesome! :)

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  • 2 months later...

You can set it as the default in your config.php file:

$config->defaultAdminTheme = 'AdminThemeReno';

User's can change between themes from their edit profile page.

I just installed this great theme and was searching for about 15 min how to activate it. Then I came across this thread and now I know about this config setting.

I totally wasn't aware of the switch in user edit profile page.

Maybe because until this day I only used the default theme.

I think it could save many people quite some time if this information was visible more prominently somewhere in the docs or even on the admin themes module page.

What do you think?

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Is there a tutorial anywhere on how to go about building custom color sets for Reno that will survive updates?

I've 'Find-and-Replaced' colors in the original Reno color themes under the /wire/ folder which I know is a big no-no but i haven't figured out how to do it another way?

Basically I found the /wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeReno/styles folder and just want to be able to build my own styles .css files that will be recognized by Reno.  What's the best way to go about this?

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Welcome to the forums. :)

There really isn't a simple way at the moment. You can copy the module from /wire/modules/ into /site/modules/ and make changes there.

Essentially this is like creating your own custom theme, and since /site/ isn't touched during upgrades, your changes persist.

It means you would have to copy any theme changes from /wire/ into your /site/ version.

I think it's probably a good idea to add a path to additional color schemes as part of the module config. 

That way you could add a path like /site/assets/styles/adminThemes/ and have any color schemes in there also available as options.

I'll look into that.

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Reno if by far my favorite admin theme. Many kudos for Tom and Ryan! 
The only thing I miss is a dark skin, so I'm creating one. It is in alpha state, there is a lot of details to do. I'm planning to share it here when finished if anyone is interested. 

I need to get back to this custom dark version. I stopped working on it several months ago due to others projects, but I'm still in the mood to finish it. Bear with me.

In the meantime, you can have a simple darker version of Reno Theme with a few lines of CSS 3 and the module Admin Custom Files.

I think its a good option to work under dimmed light. :D

Note: unfortunately it will not work on Internet Explorer (any version)

1. Install the module: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/admin-custom-files/ 

2. Create a file and paste the CSS code below.

3. Save the file as `AdminThemeReno.css` on the folder `templates/AdminCustomFiles` that was created by the module.

4. Reload admin 

Note: You can tweak the colors a bit by changing the hue-rotate values.

body {background: #222}
#main {-webkit-filter: invert(100%) contrast(70%) hue-rotate(0deg)}
#sidebar {-webkit-filter: invert(100%) contrast(90%)}
.notes {-webkit-filter: hue-rotate(90deg)}
#sidebar #main-nav a.current:not(.parent) {-webkit-filter: hue-rotate(120deg)}
.ui-button-text, .InputfieldImagePreview {-webkit-filter: invert(100%)}

Screenshots attached.



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Cool. There should be an updated version of this theme on the dev branch next week - assuming I can get time to add a few more things, and Ryan is good with them all.

This upcoming version makes it easier to create your own color schemes - for both default and reno. Custom colors schemes are stored under /site/ so they survive PW core updates (thanks Pete!)

More details soon

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  • 2 weeks later...

Quick overview of some updates I'll be sending to Ryan tomorrow.

New Features:

  • Sidebar saves open/closed state.
  • Sidebar opens/closes with arrow keys.
  • Sidebar toggle icon moved.
  • Search input is now a masthead overlay. It's takes the same number of clicks as before (one) since the input is focused on click. The overlay can be closed with the (x) icon, or the up arrow key.
  • User information is now customizable to any text fields associated with the user template. So you can use fields like a first_name last_name.
  • Custom color schemes can be set in /site/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeReno/styles/. These files survive PW updates, so you can easily create custom variations on the theme without having to reinstall it after an update. (Thanks Pete!)
  • Top navigation items are now hookable, so you can add additional single or nested items.
  • Top navigation has quicklinks to ProcessWire resources for Superusers. (forums, docs, github, cheat sheet, etc..)

There are other tweaks and fixes here and there, but these are all I can think of right now...

Changes to masthead and top navigation


Superuser Quicklinks


User Information


Search Overlay


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I'll have to get my Reno colour schemes sorted on Sunday when I'm back off holiday. Tom - can you send me a copy of the theme when you send it to Ryan so I can make sure they're 100% compatible before the updated theme is released - shouldn't take me long.

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