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Where can I find tutorial on how to make a website using PW and PWbootstrap3? from scratch?


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I am a complete noob in PW and have zero knowledge on how to use bootstrap. Just installed a fresh installation of PW with pwbootstrap3 site profile.

GF's dad ask me to make a website on their new company. Pretty basic business website.

Tried Wordpress and can't figure out how to make my own themes as GF's dad told me a specific design layout of the front end which is freakin hard to do in WP for a noob like me.

Using a theme with bit of css modification in WP makes me feel highly unsatisfied still with the results.

Had to finish the site for atleast in 2 months time.

Where can I find a complete tutorial step by step guide on how to make a website using just PW or with pwboostrap3 site profile?

So I can make the website quick. Preferably, the type of tutorial that will just shove the steps straight on my mouth.

GF's dad look up to me like a PRO I.T.

Highly Extremely Pressured.

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Separate things. One thing is to do a website with bootstrap, the other is to do a website with PW. What I mean is, you can do both in the same, but they are not dependent. My advice is, do the site in bootstrap (well, not all the website, but the main pages) and then apply PW to it (for this part we have more than enough tutorials)

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