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Really strange problem with textarealanguage


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Hi to everybody and excuse me for the question, but this is a very strange problem.


On some pages, not all, when I type in a field "textarealanguage" the word "limited" or "limit", when I try to save the page the system crash and send me to a 403 error page. I work with a CKEditor but the same is with TinyMCE and with a simple text area.

I didn't find something special in the pages with this problem ...


Thank you very much for the help!



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    • By prestoav
      Hi all and thanks for the great work on PW!

      One thing I find I have to do on any new site is add the Justify plugin to textarea fields as it is such a widely required feature for text headings in content.

      ANy chance this could be added to the core an automatically be installed on new textarea fields using CKEditor?

      Thank you!
    • By neildaemond
      If I try to add a link or image into any part of a the 'default' box in a textareaLanguage field I get the following error when trying to save the page:
      Error: Call to a member function getLanguageValue() on a non-object (line 363 of /var/www/ctw/wire/modules/LanguageSupport/LanguageSupportFields.module)   I've just recently changed a few textarea fields into textareaLanguage fields, then changed their options to use TinyMCE. I also have Page Link Abstractor enabled under the "Convert root URLs and page URLs: Prevents broken links when linked pages are moved" mode.
      I think I've used this same configuration before without a problem.... Does anyone know how to rectify this?
    • By Jacked
      The thing is that no matter what my settings are, tinyMCE just won't show, always the plain textarea
      i tried it both for textarea and textarealanguage
      I've got the InputField Type set(in Details tab) set to tinyMce
      TextFormatters (same tab) are empty
      I didn't really mess with any core files, but maybe there's something missing?
      Or maybe I should install somethiing additionally to standard processwire installation?
      any clues would be helpfull
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