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Session time for logged in user


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Take a look in /site/config.php. A few lines down you'll see this line:

* sessionExpireSeconds: how many seconds of inactivity before session expires
$config->sessionExpireSeconds = 86400;

Change that to adjust how long you want sessions to last.

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You'd have to use a little bit different approach because a session has to be active before we know who the user is. The session hasn't yet started when the config file is being loaded. So you'd detect who the user is somewhere else (like in your main site template) and then set a cookie before any output starts:

setcookie('guest', $user->isGuest() ? 1 : 0); 

Then detect the cookie in your config.php:

$config->sessionExpireSeconds = empty($_COOKIE['guest']) ? 86400 : 23200; 

You wouldn't want to use this method for anything security related, but session time is really not a security concern I don't think.

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I set this sessionExpireSeconds to 432000 in my confog.php

$config->sessionExpireSeconds = 432000;

I expected to be not automatically logged out for 5 days.
But i have to log in the very next day or even earlier.

Do i need to install another modul or did i made a mistake?

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