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Language Support: auto create blank translation files

Nico Knoll

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it's really a pain if you start a new translation that you have to enter each path separately. Why can't ProcessWire just do a quick search, find all translatable files and create the fitting .json files? Or does it behaves like that already and I just missed it?

So you won't have to keep a blanko language like manfred created (thanks for this!): https://processwire.com/talk/topic/7245-translation-for-pw-25/

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Maybe this could be a separate module. Or better a function inside of language translator?

Then you have a button "Create new language pack". You will be asked:

  • place new language files under default language (single language use)?
  • create a new language entry (multi-language use)? Enter a name...
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Is it possible that this module shows also files in subfolders of /site/templates ?

Im usualy developing site like this

some_template.php <--- here i include "articles/article-list.html";

so in my templates folder i have


      articles folder



and this module for translations grabs files that are in templates folder only without any subfolders. So i have to manualy type in path of files.


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