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Manager idea: mouse-over field to display field name

Peter Knight

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Can I suggest an improvement to the PW Manager. When editing a page, I should be able to mouse-over a fields label to display the actual field name as referenced in the API and templates.

I just had a problem whereby calling a series of images onto a page was not working for me using the code example from the API docs.

  foreach($page->images as $image) {
  echo "<img src='$image->url'>"; 

This was because the field within my manager page was actually "blog_images" and not the regular "images" field.

As both fields had a label of "Images" and the regular images field wasn't used elsewhere on my manager page, it took a while to realise my mistake.

Better house-keeping on my behalf would definitely help but it's an idea that might make building sites a little quicker.


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