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Agency Looking For Contract Developer Help

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I own a small agency, and am looking for a developer who can help with an upcoming website. I'm a designer and front-end developer, and have a website that needs a back-end that is beyond my skillsets. We used to build our sites on expressionengine, but I have been learning about PW recently, and am excited about the prospects of this CMS being our new standard offering for clients. I also feel that with the help of an experienced PW developer, it can easily handle more complex projects, such as this one...

We are nearing the end of the wireframing and mockups stage of this project, and will want to start development within the next 2-4 weeks. Below I have outlined some of the more advanced functionality that the site will need. If you have past experience with implementing this functionality in PW projects, please contact me. I'll share the mockups with you and discuss everything in more detail.

1) membership capabilities. There will be 4 membership levels -->

- super admin (the standard PW admin)

- guest (standard public visitors)

- registered member (for basic commenting)

- advanced member / content editor (can edit their company's profile page--a public facing page on the site--and submit new content to the super admin for approval, such as news articles, blog posts, and calendar events)

3) calendar of events. A publicly visible calendar of events, shown in a calendar view. Clicking an event takes the viewer to a dedicated page for that event. Advanced members (as described above) should be able to create and submit events to the super admin for approval.

2) Paid Advertising. To improve visibility of the advanced members' company profile pages, the client will be offering paid advertising packages. We will need to be able to serve up ads based on inventory, and report statistics to the advertiser. We were thinking of installing Google's DoubleClick for Publishers, but are open to other suggestions.

The site front-end will be built by us using the Zurb Foundation framework. We will consult with you the developer before coding the front-end of the more advanced features listed above, in case you have specific preferences, modules, etc that you would like to implement. 

Please touch base if this sounds like something you would be interested in working on with us.



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