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I Need Assistance With A Travel Agency Project


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I have never worked with Processwire only with Wordpress and Drupal so I need to team up with a good programmer.

The project is a travel agency website where you can get a lot of information about the destinations, cities, hotels etc. 

When you find your destination/hotel the user can request a price trough a formular. There are not going to be a option for credit card payment. The website needs to be responsive as well. 


  • Responsive website (The dekstop layout is done)
  • Offer request formular (No credit card payment)
  • Google map integration with a link to the description page
  • Import price and description information for each hotel, destination etc. trough XML or CSV file. 

If your interessted I can send you further details.

Budget: 3600$

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Hi Mikkelsen,

Look at this TravelinLuxury

It's presented here in the showcase as well.

I just finished this travelsite using Processwire, including the FormBuilder module, Google Maps and lots of other functionality.

If I could be of any assistance, just let me know.

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