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I'm Looking For A Developer To Subcontract Work To

Jonathan Lahijani

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I'm an independent contractor and work with a lot of different clients.  Most of the sites I do are light, medium or heavy content-based sites.  ProcessWire is my go to system for these types of sites, or WordPress if the client really insists.

I stay fairly busy and I've reached a point where I need to have a reliable, go-to developer that I can subcontract work to when I am too busy to take on the work by myself.  This could lead to be a steady stream of projects to work on.

I'm looking for someone with the following skills:

  • strong php skills
  • can do design conversion correctly (that is, taking a PSD and hand-converting it into html/css/js); also knows how to do mobile-first responsive design with either framework
  • strong experience with Bootstrap and/or Zurb Foundation; using it SASS or LESS is a plus
  • some experience with Grunt, Bower (the basics)
  • knows how to make a theme/template from scratch (ideally using a starter theme like Roots.io) and organize files and code in a modular/partialized way (note: for my ProcessWire based sites, I use a starter template based on Roots.io for ProcessWire)
  • strong experience with ProcessWire or WordPress (at least one of the two)
  • understands how to best organize information and properly structure a site based on a CMS's capabilities (for example, using Custom Post Types and Taxonomies in WordPress; when to uses Pages vs. Custom Post Types, etc.)
  • very organized and takes pride in their work

If you are interested, please send me a private message or email (jlahijani at gmail.com) with the following:

  • a list of some recent sites that you have done along with a couple sentences about each explaining the CMS, tools and approach used.  i don't care much about the design of the site as opposed to the development part.
  • your general preferred approach in developing medium-large content sites
  • your location
  • a little about yourself
  • your website (if you have one)
  • anything else you feel that you'd like to say

Thank you,


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      My client is Italian that's why he or she has to be Italian-speaking.
      If you are interested or you know someone who cold fit this request, please send an email to andrea at andreaverde dot it or write me a pvt message here.
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