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Nodebb Forum?

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found NodeBB forum during searching web. After take a look... it's interesting.

Anybody know or maybe use it?

At the moment I use SMF, but thinking about port/ upgrade it to ElkArte... 

Both could be work with Processwire via api / ssi functions.

But now also NodeBB could be a candidate to use for my (really small) private group forum.

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NodeBB is lightning fast (presumably because of NodeJS) and gaining popularity. I've been keeping an eye on it but I'm a bit out of my depth with things that are non-PHP or mySQL and this one used Redis as the DB and has no API (I like integrating my forums with my websites).

Not heard of ElkArte but SSI isn't the same as an API and I don't see anything there that would let you grab the currently logged-in forum user (my preferred method of syncing when I've done it with IPB). You're a little restricted to what they are specifically offering with the SSI stuff.

It does all depend what level of integration you want to do though - I'm quite picky :)

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Hi Pete,

ElkArte is a SMF based fork from smf ex-team members with some improvements.

Found a SMF API plugin, but don't know about it. Haven't tested it...

login/ register/ logout via ssi should be easy, but admin has to administrate two systems...

Mh, a basic integration should be ok... User accounts (login, register, profile sync; permissions/ roles/ groups should also make sense...).

At the moment there isn't a PW forum integration available out there


  • While integration with NodeBB methods is always available to plugins, many developers do not work with Node.js, and would prefer to integrate with NodeBB through a JSON API. The current API included in NodeBB is read-only, and we are looking into providing a write-enabled API with key-based authentication (possibly OAuth) to allow external apps to integrate easily. Join the discussion here.

Source: https://blog.nodebb.org/the-road-to-v0-5-0-and-beyond/

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