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Responsive Wireframes In Blueprint Look


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Hi guys,

recently, I'm reading Stephen Hay's "Responsive Design Workflow" and am fascinated by its idea of "Content reference workflows". In short: this approach does not use any software like OmniGraffle, MS Visio, etc. but plain HTML. This way the wireframes can be responsive (and be created quickly since one is at home in HTML anyway). The other thing is, that these type of wireframes are very minimalistic and, instead of a detailed graphic-design-like approach, it more or less uses two colors, borders and labels. So the danger of mistaking these wireframes as a design proposal is minimized.

And since metaphors are always good ;) I tried to tweak this philosophy with a well known instrument of the "analogue" world: blueprints. This way, at least thats the intention, it becomes even more clear for the customer that this is an abstraction. If you communicate it right, for example with a explainatory popup/modal, no customer ever should misunderstand it and ask: "What? My website is meant to be blue?" ;)

Find some screenshots below and a demo of what I'm aiming for here: http://demo.marcus-herrmann.com/blueprint-wireframes/

Before I confront any more customers of mine with this approach I would be very thankfully to hear any feedback on this from fellow developers. What is your (or your employer's) approach on this? Are there any obvious quirks with this one?

As usual, you can find the code on GitHub: https://github.com/marcus-herrmann/blueprint-wireframes

Have a nice weekend!






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