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Using MarkupCache and needed to switch the page to MultiLanguage. First I thought oooh my god how can I achieve this without having code duplications within complex conditions?!  :undecided:

But it's PW (in this case it's just PHP logic^^) but PW is great! :D

You "only" have to set the name of the cache file dynamically based on the language. Nothing easier than that.

Just replace the normal initialization of the cached section from

<?php if(!$data = $cache->get("something")) {


<?php if (!$data = $cache->get("something_lang-{$user->language->name}")) {

Then, assuming whe have 2 languages, default and de, it's generating one cache file called "something_lang-default" and "something_lang-de"

of course you can set the name format to whatever you prefer ;)

Just wanted to share my achievement for everyone else looking for MarkupCache on a multi language site



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Ryan, is there any particular reason why this module is singular? (Or better question: could it not be?)

I think that blocks nested caching (which is @Hari's problem as well, I think).


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  • MarkupCache only supports strings and uses files for storage.
  • WireCache supports arrays (of non-objects), PageArray and strings and uses DB for storage. 

WireCache is the way to go.

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