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I tried to enable mail notification for users (guests), enabled "Allow commenter e-mail notifications":


The option shows up on the page:


But no e-mails are being sent. Is there something else I need to do?

Other mail notifications, like the admin notification for comments, are working just fine, so it's not a general e-mail issue.


Any help is appreciated.





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And another small issue, after submitting a comment, the "waiting for approval message" shows, but even the form.
Shouldn't the form be hidden when the GET variable "comment_success" is present?


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a loggedin user has access to ony specific page.
this page has th following structure:

- Part 1 ( template part )

  - subpart 1a ( template subpart )
  - subpart 1b ( template subpart )
  - subpart 1c ( template subpart )

- Part 2 ( template part )

  - subpart 2a ( template subpart )
  - subpart 2b ( template subpart )
  - subpart 2c ( template subpart )

- Part 3 ( template part )

  - subpart 3a ( template subpart )
  - subpart 3b ( template subpart )
  - subpart 3c ( template subpart )

the comments - field is implemted in the template "subpart".

Now i want to have the possibility to make specific comments to each subpart - entry. It would be just perfect to store every specific comment-threat that belongs to it's subpart-entry! The field name & e-mail address should be already filled with the data from the logged in user ( users name / users mail address ).

is this possible to manage?!
Many Thanks!

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Hello @ all,

I have no idea, but approval via email does not work in my case. Here are all my get variables that will be submitted by clicking the link in the email:

code    gKB6jlhWTowUeahUNX6OWWvBYBxYf1D41I5LZb4ws1YsA73jmk7sQeOoU1QAy4L6f1IAnmaSKXRjINOtGFDKO92e10Y5IuTzmuHOwkGI8bWtcXaIGstDB_xzq9hhwvZx
comment_success    approve
field    comments
page_id    2006

As you can see all parameters are there.

As far as I know the file CommentNotifications.php is responsible to save the new status "approved" after clicking the link, but in my case nothing changes and I do not get any message on the frontend. Tracy does not complain about anything so I dont know how to check where the problem is.

Is there someone who could give me a hint to check out whats going on after clicking the link to find out the problem.

Best regards



Ok, I see! This doesnt work if the comments were not rendered with the render function. So using your own markup to output comments inside a foreach prevents the status change after clicking the approval link.

Solution: Copy the whole Fieldtype comments directory in site/modules and make all the markup changes there. Load comment form and list via the render function and everything is fine.

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Hello gents. I know this topic is an year old now, however, could you please share with me how would I insert the comments rating, vote and nesting in a custom build form where I do not just modify FieldtypeComments and put a copy in /site/modules but rather use the method described by Ryan in the description of the module & API (section of Generating your own output)?

So far I was able to get the cite, email, website and text to show but it seems like using $coment->rating (or ->vote) does not do the trick.

It would be great if one could share a comment form that would have the all the fields +  vote, rating and be styled for comment replies...

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Never mind, I was able to find the answers:

// Rating
// Note, that the result comes as a number so you might need to modify the markup to make the stars appear
$rating = $comment->stars;

// Upvotes
$upvotes = $comment->upvotes;

// Downvotes
$downvotes = $comment->downvotes;

The only thing I was not able to come up with was how to check if a comment is an reply to apply the proper tags (div, ul, ol etc.) If anyone has a way to achieve that, it would be great...

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Looking at the code of the FieldtypeComments module, I found the following short codes that could be used to render the comments:

{votes} - shows the up/down votes as per the options set in the comments field (Details tab)

{stars} - shows the rating stars if the rating is allowed within the Details tab

{url} - inserts the URL link to the comment 




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