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Use another template in runtime


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Hi all, 

I am listing a gallery of products and each product, there is the possibility of seeing a rapid or enter the product and see it in detail view. 

I have the following structure 


and would like to pass on to the product in a segment to display quick view 


There any way to use another template in runtime?


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......But what is not as changing the template assigned to the page I'm invoking (at runtime)

Is this even possible? A template is tied to a page and its content is mapped to the fields attached to that template. If a page were to use another pages template these relations would be lost....I might be wrong here. Anyway, I don't really get what you are trying to do. Why would you want to use another template at runtime? 

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actually you can just show different content based on the request type; so if you are doing a quick view, then you show that with Ajax; if you are linking to the page you show the page code;

i'm doing that here:


and here:


so on your template:

<?php if($config->ajax) { ?>

show your markup for the quickview here

<?php } else { ?>

show your normal page code

<?php } ?>

so you don't need the quickview part of the URL

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