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Drupal's View like Module


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Hi! On Drupal there is module called View  to generate table like result on a page. Is there any module on processwire that has same functionality. What I want to do is, to have a new menu item on admin module where all item are viewable there and the can also add, edit delete.

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Obviously, the pages page on the admin also does exactly that, though for all pages.

If you are using the dev version there is a lister module as part of the core (I think)


This allows you to create lists of pages based on set criteria

Remember, that if you are creating roles, the users will only be able to see pages in the admin what you want them to see.

When you create templates, you can also restrict who their parent is and what templates can be used for children, or even if they can have children at all - see the Family tab on a template.

You can also create an "Add New" button on the Pages page. If you look at the family tab on a template, you will see instructions for adding that template to the Add New button - the button will automatically appear if one or more templates are set up in the right way.

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Correct :) Question, Does the current lister only capable of filtering template? And not content of my modified changes? I put ProcessPageLister on the process and admin on the template. Is this the correct settings?

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