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Redactor WYSIWYG Editor


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Hey Ryan,

I´m still making my first steps with Processwire and I start to

understand the workflow. After all those other CMS behemoths

I started to look at Processwire with the wrong intention. So

I had to get rid of al this old CMS overload. And yea, now

I start to see it! Great! :)

I like it small, lightweight and efficient. Have you ever heard

of Redactor? This is a WYSIWYG Editor based on Jquery.

This would be a perfect companion for Processwire.

Very lightweight (only around 45kb) and sexy looking with a

truckload full of options. You can find it here:


I can´t understand that this editor is getting so little love and

attention. They sell 3 types of licenses. Even a lifetime license

to include redactor inside open source projects.



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Redactor was also discussed here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/6159-list-of-other-cmss-features/page-2?hl=redactor#entry60500

As I wrote on that post I think that the licence might not be an issue now as it has changed a little if I am understanding correctly what the problem was.

Before as shown in the old post: The OEM License is limited to one year from the date of purchase.

Now on Redactor Licence: Support for the holders of the OEM License is limited to one year from the date of purchase.

I assume that the oem licence could be purchased one time now without yearly payment. Only support would expire.

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@dazzyweb: I'd assume so too.. at least as long as you're willing to swallow their other requirements, such as the "fair use" clause accompanied by statement that they alone decide what this "fair use" consists of.

I for one wouldn't, but that's just a my personal opinion. There's a whole world of difference between proprietary and free software and I know which side I prefer :)

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@Manfred62: https://github.com/teppokoivula/InputfieldTrumbowyg. Just for testing, though, it's far from polished (mostly just a quick fork of InputfieldCKEditor with 90% of everything stripped off).

What I'm not really sure about, should this become a "finished" module, is how the images should be handled? Trumbowygs default image tool is clean and pretty, but doesn't really make sense in ProcessWire, so I'm thinking that the image plugin from other RTE's should probably be ported here or something like that..

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Hey teppo - nice!

I know this is just a rough start, but here are some quick observations.

  1. The fullscreen mode sits below PW tabs
  2. The insert link functionality doesn't have a target option, but I guess this dialog would be replaced a PW specific one anyway, like with Tiny and CK
  3. I'd like to see a formatter for code view - I don't know if Trumbowyg has an available plugin or not
  4. What about paste as text or from Word buttons - are they available?

Otherwise, it looks pretty nice and clean.

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@adrian: I'll take a closer look at that tab issue soon. About the link dialog, I'm not really sure -- it's probably the same thing as with image dialog, that it should be replaced. Too bad, since these super-clean dialogs are part of what makes Trumbowyg such a pleasure to use :)

The scope of Trumbowyg seems pretty limited for the time being and for an example I haven't yet found any 3rd party plugins for it (regarding paste buttons and "pretty" code formatting). I'll take a closer look ASAP and see if there's anything available, otherwise might have to cook something up myself.

In the meantime I've added some basic config options to the module.

Edit: tab issue should be gone now. Forced higher z-index value to fullscreen Trumbowyg editors.

Edited by teppo
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Thanks for the headsup adrian. will use this

"easteregg" in the future! :)

To bad for the license on Redactor. But hey,

this gives me a reason to start coding my own

jquery sexy lightweight editor.

There's been a few redactor-like wysiwyg options come out recently. I've had my eye on Trumbowyg which looks promising. There was another more established one but I cant for the life of me thing what it was called.

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thanks teppo for starting this new "module". Looks nice. The main advantage of Trumbowyg is it's small size and clean gui. Also it use jquery like PW already does.

For better integration in PW it needs some plugins like pwimage/pwlink in CKEditor?

here is a german lang file for Trumbowyg:


BTW: better we start a new thread under the modules section?

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hmm, just continue this ideas...

in processwire-weekly-11 Ryan explained something about the new default RTE.

Goodbye TinyMCE / Hello CKEditor


While I would love to include both editors in the core, there are plenty of people that think we shouldn't have any rich text editor in the core, so having two giant RTEs would be too much

Maybe making something like Trumbowyg (of course must be extended a little bit) as default RTE? Small, clean, fast.

The both big RTE's (CKEditor and TinyMCE) can be installed (and maintained) as separate modules as usual.

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I saw this post and although it's old it still comes up high on Google. I thought I'd give a quick warning to the community. DON'T BUY REDACTOR. They charge you $100 per site, but they quickly switch versions on you and ask you to buy it again (not even upgrade, you have to pay full price again). I think their multi-website price used to be $1500, and then they lowered it to $300. I was suspicious, but heck I bought it. Short time after they "upgraded" to a new version and discontinued the old one. Now I'm stuck with this editor on multiple sites and I can't even upgrade jQuery or the editor will stop working. I asked them if they have a fix for it, Art from Imperavi redactor responded to me saying that not only will they not fix it, because it's an older version, but also admitted that they're planning to discontinue the current version and then the version after that. So if you get redactor, there's a chance that your editor might be outdated tomorrow and you'll have to pay another $300 or more to get it working again.

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Mistake was made in moderating this content. Initial post restored. Apologies
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