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Issues with tinymce


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Hey, guys!!!

I'm having a very big problem with Tinymce in processwire. I feel so stupid about it, but can't find the solution. Hope someone can help me. :rolleyes:

When I change to html and paste html tags inside a <code> tag, they get converted and disapear. How can I avoid this?

All Iwanted was to show some code examples. I feel so noob right now '-'

Thank you =)

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Part of the problem with using something like Code tags in this way is that you have to switch to HTML to do it - I always think that that undermines the idea of using a WYSIWYG editor in the first place, really.

Have a look at this link:


It is a bit old, but it might offer a better way around your problem. There is also a link to a plugin that does it for you. Haven't tried it, though.

You should also make sure that you are using a custom stylesheet for TinyMCE so that it displays code in the same way as on the front end of your site, of course. 

This also looks quite fun:


It uses SyntaxHighlighter 3 by Alex Gorbachev

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Hey, LostKobrakai. Thank you for your quick answer! I already tried that, with or without TInymce enabled and It didn't work. <p> tags were always converted. Joss, thank you too. I'll take a look at those links now and tell you here what I found out (sh4tinymce looks awesome). Could you tell me why, even using <pre> and <code> whith Tinymce disabled some html like <p> and <div> gets converted?

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In the TinyMCE settings that are on the input tab of the field, you have to allow tags to be used and also things like the style attribute. I cant remember what is in the default installation, but it is fairly basic - it is easier to add things than have to strip out loads of things that you would rather your users did not get their hands on!

For instance, this is the settings I use when I want to have a few more bits like right click context menu and stripping formatting when pasting. Also adds a style drop down:

buttons 1
block formats
Valid Elements - note, to enable things like font color, size and face, you must use span and NOT font!
Content CSS
Additional Settings
paste_text_sticky: true
Third party plugins
spellchecker : /site/tinymce/myplugins/spellchecker



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Joss, can you believe I wasn't seeing changes because somehow things were cached in the browser? I cleaned it, it worked. I tried my phone and it was working '-' . Thank you for your help.

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