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Getting image from search page


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I am trying to get an image to go along with my search results. I can create the image as a file but of course the path is incorrect as it refers to the  search page itself. Any idea how I can reference the relevant assets file folder?

foreach($matches as $m) {
    $img = $m->images->last->width(200);
    $out .= "
	    <img src='{$img}' />
	    <h4><a href='{$m->url}'>{$m->title}</a></h4>

Thanks again

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To start with, last should be last() (I think)

So $img = $m->images->last()->width(200);
Then you need to get the url for the image
<img src='{$img->url}' />
The URL contains all the path data.
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