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Getting started? Not yet... - a localhost XAMPP problem


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Greetings ProcessWire community!

Ahhh, the first magic post in a new forum...

This should be something meaningfull, yet this is just

a question from a newborn webguy from germany.

After all the fighting with overblown CMS systems I

found this promising beauty! I use XAMPP on a local

system to get used to new tools.

So I installed ProcessWire without problems. After that

all the links are throwing me back to the XAMPP startpage.



Throws me back to:


Is there some config.php stuff I have to change for it

to work in my local environment?



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You may have to modify a value in .htaccess. Open the .htaccess file in the ProcessWire directory, and look for RewriteBase for commented-out examples.

Change it to :

RewriteBase /!soulsliverCMS/processwire/

As onjegolders mentions though, the exclamation mark might be a problem in some instances. If possible, remove it to see if it makes a difference.

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@onjegolders & Craig A Rodway

Thanks guys! It was indeed the exclamation mark "!" that

caused the trouble.

I start new projects with a "!" at start of the foldername to

bring them to the top on this loooong list of projects. And

normaly I never had issues with it.

"RewriteBase /!soulsliverCMS/processwire/" did not solve

this problem so I renamed the folder to "soulsliver",

flushed the database and reinstalled ProcessWire.

It´s working fine now.

Thanks again for the help!



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Hey kongondo,

thanks for the warm welcome!

Well after my monumental battle with CMS systems over

the last years I´m kind off tired...

I watched the internet growing and was part of the flash

generation (great new tool! let´s make a 12 MB site intro!).

Over the last decade CMS systems took more and more

control out of my hands. terrorizing me with cryptic fancy

new script languages, overblown backends and a standard

CSS file for a template with thousands of lines that I had to

pull painstakingly apart over hours and hours to find the

elements that I am looking for... well enough of this!

As I see it Processwire gives me exactly what I want! A simple

and structured Database Editor in a nice environment where

I alone can push and pull all the triggers I want!

So yes! If this CMS does what I think it does I will enjoy the

hell out of it!!! :)

From the first look I just hope it will expand and grow over time.

The fields for example could use a folder structure just for the

backend to prevent massive lists. For example create a folder

"home" where all of the fields for home go into. Or a folder "core"

where all global used fields go.



PS: Please excuse my guerilla english! I´m a little rusty on that.

Need a refreshment course! :)

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It sounds like ProcessWire will be a perfect fit for you. It does genuinely do what you are looking for. It is a tool you can use how you see fit. It does not dictate how you should work.

In terms of organising fields. If you click on the "advanced" tab on a field page you can apply a tag. This tag will help organize the fields. (Also applies for templates)

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