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Another idea for a ProcessWire 'MVC' approach


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Hi altogether,
since I am currently working on a project that has (hopefully) the potential to reach a certain level of complexity at some point, I wanted to start the template structure in a scalable and "proper" way. In the following I'll try to give a summary about the approach I'm testing:
1. Directory structure inside site/templates/
2. Create init file named...
...containing (for example):

function getPartial($name, $allpages) {

// Site wide
$settings = $allpages->get('/meta/settings');
$root = $allpages->get('/');

// User related
$loggedInUser = wire('user')->isLoggedin();

// Page related
$title = wire('page')->title;
$children = wire('page')->children;
$template = wire('page')->template;

include($config->urls->templates . 'controllers/' . $name . '.php');
include($config->urls->templates . 'views/' . $name . '.php');
3. Uncommenting prepandTemplatefile in /site/config
$config->prependTemplateFile = 'init.php';
4. Creation of partial (controller and view) in their respective folders
Example controller:
$homepagetitle = $root->title;

Example view:
<h1><?= $homepagetitle ?></h1>
<p><?= $title ?></p>
5. Creation of layout file. I tried to put these in a folder called /layouts, but that does results in PW not finding new templates anymore in the PW Admin when creating a new templates. Any ideas? Changing index.php's $config->urls->templates ?
Example layout:
getPartial('test-partial', $pages);
So, for some reason I have to explicitly inject $pages or wire('pages') into getPartial() - but I have no idea why, since $page or wire('page') is working without problems in the functions scope.
But: The output is just as intended. The title of the root page in a h1 headline, and the title of the page using this "layout" in a paragraph.
Any feedback or pointing to pitfalls of this approach would be highly appreciated :)
edit: Funny, essentially this is a very stripped down way of Template Data Providers, which needed Twig the last time I tried to use it.
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