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Module want: iPhone image uploader

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Does anyone know if there is a module that would allow uploading images from iPhone?



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I agree, I don't think Safari on the iPhone lets you do that (I've tried on a few occasions). Though not sure why not, sure seems like it should.

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Some alternatives:

Email-to-site functionality, wherein your site has a script that reads incoming email including attachments and posts it to PW.

Integrate blog software and use one of the native iOS apps for blogs to get the information through to ProcessWire.

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I never understood why uploading through the mobile safari browser on iOS is disabled. Must be to protect the mobile operators. Apparently you can get it working on a jailbroken iphone using an additional app.

I researched ways around this limitation a while ago for another project, but never implemented it.

The best solution I could find, was to use a native iPhone app that helps you with the upload process.

The user will have to install the upload helper app first (they are all free). Then you will probably need some good  knowledge of how Processwire handles uploads so you can configure the upload dialog to call the app using javascript.

Here are some of those apps :



Aurigma Up


cliqcliq Quickpic

http://www.cliqcliq.com/support/quickpic/  (website seems to be down - here is the iTunes store app page http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cliqcliq-quickpic/id347874926?mt=8 )

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