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poor CMS performance - what could be causing 60-100 hidden repeaters to be generated?


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Hi All,

While troubleshooting some performance/load time issues when visiting an edit URL in the CMS, I found one page that had 60 hidden repeaters generated in the repeaters area. There was only one repeater visible with data, but I could have clicked "add new" 60 times and they would continue to appear (their html is in the source), all of which had blank fields. This caused the /page/edit URL to load in 7 seconds, and a couple of other pages with the same template are doing it as well (one has 97 items), some of which never finish loading. This particular repeater field's "Ready-to-edit new repeater items" is set to 3.

Has anyone ever experienced an issue like this?

Possibly useful info: I'm using the Page Edit Field Permission module to control editing permissions for this repeater field.

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