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Structuring evaluation application

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I’m hoping to get some advise and/or ideas on how to approach this evaluation application: 


each company has it own organization structure and people (employees). 


a multi-level tree where the whole organization (or optional multiple) can be managed. For example:

• Organization name - [Organization]§

  - Marketing - [Organization department]

  - Sales - [Organization department]

    - Sales team A - [Organization department]

    - Sales team B - [Organization department]

  - Logistic - [Organization department]

• Other organization (optional)


each employee can be added to a department (see above) and one of these roles:

- Employee [most basic role. can update own profile and fill in evaluation form]

- Moderator [this role is being assigned to one or multiple organization departments and can manage the employees within this department and edit the evaluation forms which are used here]  

- Administrator [this role can manage everything above the moderator like company information, all employees/moderators and assign moderators to departments]


a Table field will store evaluation data for each employee once a year.

Each employee will be a user account assigned to a specific role and organization department. User Groups for managing permission per role. I’m not very familiar yet with PW and would like to know how you would setup this structure. I’m not quite sure how to store and manage the organization structure tree for example.

What are the pro’s and con’s for using this page tree as structure (combination of different templates):


  - company a

    - organization 

      - marketing

      - sales

    - evaluations 

      - evaluation john 20140101

      - evaluation john 20140701

  - company b

    - organization 

      - logistic

      - transport

    - evaluations 

      - evaluation john 20140101

      - evaluation john 20140701

Thanks in advance for any advice on this!

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