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Anonymous Posting Capability?

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I am relatively new to processwire. I also started learning html and css just this year. I have basic understanding of concepts but am still at a loss on the technical language but I am excited to learn a lot more.

I'm working on starting a website that is along the lines of fmylife.com. I have my design down and I understand the basics of processwire. What I can't figure out is how to create the main component of this website.

I need to be able to allow any user without creating an account or even inputting an email address to post directly on the main page. Obviously without allowing them to touch anything else on the page except for their individual post. Maybe using individual IP addresses and cookies. These posts will resemble that of posting on facebook. I need to be able to have a backlog of these in order to create categories for the "best posts" etc. and the capability of deleting any content that I see fit. The furthest I've gotten is the idea of creating one continuous thread. Also, I know wordpress has the capability of a similar way but requires buying into the premium. At this point I am not set up to spend money but if there is a better way that I will have to pay for I can be open to that down the road. For now though I'm trying for the free route. I'm wondering if anyone has some great pointers or tips for making this a possibility.

Thanks for the help in advance!


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