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defect w/ changing field type


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Hi, noob here.  Maybe this has already been addressed, but I can't find it in the forums. Also, is this really where one may file a defect report?

Anyway, implementing a multi-language site. I started out single language. Created body, summary, headline fields in some of the templates. Created pages w/ templates, populated some of these fields.

Then I tried to change, say, summary, from Text to TextLanguage and got 1 green and 2 red bands at the top when saving:

  •  Field type changed

  •  Field type change failed. Database reports: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 Field 'data1027' doesn't have a default value

  •  Error changing fieldtype for 'test', reverted back to 'FieldtypeTextLanguage'

(Woah! They're formatted here! :)

I might see data getting clobbered during a field type transition, but this is an good ol' error.  

With a field that's already used in templates, I can't edit the field unless I remove it from every template.  With a brand new field, just pressing [save] again works clears the error.

Basically, changing the field type toward multi-language doesn't work, yet it's allowed.

p.s. Niceties galore!  What a superb CMF!!!

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I have had some personal communication with Ryan about this and it seems to be an issue with MySQL 5.6 (although arjen does debunk that is one of his posts), but I had the problem on a server with 5.6, but as soon as I rolled back to 5.5 it went away. Regardless this is something that does need to be fixed sooner than later because 5.6 will start getting more common.

Can's fix is the current best option though and works perfectly.

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