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Adding RSS channel to processwire powered site

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congrats on processwire cms - it looks very clean and nice !

I have been asked by a client of mine, who is using processwire to update his website (somebody has created website using processwire and he's not available to help anymore) to login to admin panel and see if he can add rss support.

I need that RSS enabled (for a couple of pages, that he's updating regularly) so that my software (digital signage system) can parse and display his news.

How should i start and do it - without "breaking" his website ? After i login, i can see in modules section that there's "install" button next to Markup RSS Feed (which is strike-through). After that, is there anything more I should do ?

I have only access to panel, but not to ftp etc.

Thanks for your assistance!


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Hi qlex and welcome to PW - hopefully you'll stick around after this client request :)

Here are the instructions for using the RSS module:


Also, you may want to consider this enhanced version of the RSS module:


Let us know if you need any specific help getting things to work.

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adrian, thanks for the info.

Before my programmer helps me, I understand I can go ahead and hit "install" next to Markup RSS Feed. Then we would need to add piece of that code somewhere in those pages, that we want the rss feed to be created.

No need to display it on the client website (for the time being!), but important to get URL of the feed with news that we could parse with our app.

By installing and adding RSS, can the live site be broken - or is it rather secure to add this ?

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Never say never! - but it is rather secure  :)

Welcome to the forums, qlex

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I'm using RSS on my site like this:

1. Create a template "feed" or "rss"

2. Create a hidden page ("/feed/" or "/rss/" or whatever you want your url to be)

3. Uploading and customize the following file into template directory and update the field names


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Nico Knoll: thanx !
we installed the rss module without any problems just by hitting install.

to follow your suggestions, for number 3, we would need ftp access or is it doable just through admin ?

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You used date(DATE_RFC2822) you're better of with date(DATE_RSS).
It's a W3c recomendation, some RSS clients have issues with DATE_RFC2822.
DATE_RFC2822 uses differences in Greenwich time and DATE_RSS uses time zone abbreviations.
So far I understand it depends on where you live if the client accepts the feed.
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I tried to install RSS on my website. After install module in admin page I add template from example:


   $rss = $modules->get("MarkupLoadRSS");

   foreach($rss as $item) {
       echo "<p>";
       echo "<a href='{$item->url}'>{$item->title}</a> ";
       echo $item->date . "<br /> ";
       echo $item->description;
       echo "</p>";

After that i make page with this template. But here is problem, when i want open page with rss i get error:

Error: Call to a member function load() on a non-object (line 4 of /my_path/site/templates/rss.php).

How can I resolve that?

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