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login problems ... all users

Stefan G. Eberl

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@Stefan: error message itself is a sign of CSRF check failing. Are you seeing this error before or after login attempt, i.e. can you still type in your login credentials and this just appears after or are you unable to see the login form in the first place?

It's possible to skip CSRF checks entirely by adding "$config->protectCSRF = false" to your site/config.php, but I wouldn't recommend it in the long term -- this is a security feature after all. There are also some things you could try here, such as checking that you've got necessary directories, as discussed here.

Please let us know if the issue persists. Providing any additional info (such as is there anything that could've caused this, any apparent change to your site lately, have you switched servers etc.) could also help diagnosing the issue.

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A couple of other things to ensure:

  • Make sure you are not logged in more than once (tab , browser, computer, location) when you are in edit mode.
  • If you leave your browser open and have edited something, leave for awhile and then try to save you should get this error.

If I am editing, I make sure I save before going away from whatever I'm working on.

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